Annual HUD Inspection

July 27, 2017

Dear Residents of Fletcher Black, Asbell and Massalina Apartment Homes,

Next week on August 3rd and 4th, HUD will be conducting their annual inspection of apartments.

We need your help and ask for your full cooperation. Below is a brief list of items that every resident must do before the inspection on Thursday and Friday.

· Your apartment must be clean, presentable and free of excessive clutter.

· All window sills must be clear and not having anything placed on them.

· All windows and doors must be clear with full access and cannot have any furniture blocking them. *Move all furniture away from the windows.

· Call in any work orders immediately so they can be addressed prior to the inspection.

· Make sure all smoke detectors are installed and working.

You are a valuable part of our community and we cannot succeed without you. Please help us by doing your part and showing pride in your home and neighborhood.


Teri Henry
Executive Director