Business Fashion Tips for Panama City Residents

We all like to dress comfortably. There’s nothing like sitting at home in your pajamas, watching TV, sipping coffee, and sending emails. If you work from home on certain days, you know how true this can be.

But, there comes a time when everyone needs to dress the part. When they go to work, for example. This is especially true if you are meeting and greeting the public on a daily basis. If you live in Panama City, and are wondering about business fashion tips, keep reading!

For men:

Jeans are out, unless you are in the construction industries. Dress shirts are widely acceptable. And dress shoes (clean is good, polished is better) should always be a part of your wardrobe.

Don’t forget that tie. When appropriate, a tie might be the thing stands out the most about your clothing, so make it a good impression. Avoid cartoon or novelty ties, no matter how hilarious.

For around $200, you should be able to get a business suit, tailored to your needs, at any major department store in town. There is also a Men’s Wearhouse in Panama City Beach that has a large selection and great deals.

Standard suits can be very affordable at second hand stores. Hold out for one that fits you well, and you may want to save a little extra money to take it to the tailor to be properly fitted.

For women:

For women, business attire is also very similar. Classic styles are business suits, pant suits, and business jackets over crisp, ironed blouses. Where possible, it’s worth trying to own a few tailored outfits, as opposed to many ready-to-wear garments.

Watch your shirts and sweaters. Do not show cleavage. You might look great, but it is not appropriate in a business environment.

Blouses and tops should coordinate with the rest of your outfit. Be careful that your tops are not see-through. There are always camisoles and other coverings that you can use.

For skirts and dresses, shorter is not better in an office or other business environment. In order to remain business-like, you should also avoid those skirts or dresses with slits on the sides. Aside from these two points, you should wear something that you are comfortable in.

Pants are always a nice alternative to dresses. Again, we would advise that you stick with a tailored look. This means that the pant legs should have a crease in them. All pants should be pressed and/or as wrinkle free as possible. And the hem of the pants should only cover your ankle. If the hem of your pants is draping along the floors, that’s too long.

If you have pets, check for any fur. You may love your pets, but it can ruin a look when you have pet fur on your clothing!

Avoid denim or heavy cotton materials. Leave torn jeans for evenings and weekends.

Undergarments should support you. In a business environment, panties and bras that show through the material of your clothing should not be worn. Either wear different panties and bras, or try darker garments to cover them. No outlines should be visible through your pants or dresses.

There are places to be casual about your clothing, but when you are at work, that is not the place to relax your look.

Keep your shoes simple and comfortable. If you are on your feet all day, then a support shoe is most appropriate. Stay comfortable and look after your feet. Try to stay away from spiky heels, flip-flops, sandals, or clunky heels. Shoe colors should also reflect the outfit of the day.

Dressing down without a dressing down

Sometimes you will hear about ‘casual Fridays’, or business casual. This doesn’t mean you have an opportunity or permission to show up in skimpy attire. Instead, you might want to wear capri pants or long shirts. Men can go without a tie and loosen a button or two. You are still at work, however, and your appearance should reflect this.

Business colors

Men and women should both stick to conservative colors. Don’t show up for work in golf pants or outrageous hot pink colors! They just don’t look appropriate in a business environment.

For women, black goes with anything. It’s perfect for accessorizing. You can wear simple jewellery and scarves to make statements. Grays and dark blues are also attractive while making sure that you look like you’re ready for business.

Avoid extremely busy patterns. And definitely no tee-shirts with sayings on them.

Dressing appropriately for work can take some practice. A good rule of thumb is that if something doesn’t look right to you, it probably isn’t!

You know what looks best on you. Whenever you are at work or if you are attending an interview, aim to make good first impressions. With confidence, a smile, and proper business attire, you can make a difference and make a lasting impression on the people around you.